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Forever Grips established in 2016 with a mindset of giving back to the gaming community and saving a few dollars in their pocket! Compared to over 10 other controller accessories companies, we're the only ones who offer the lowest and most affordable prices with the best service offered! We want our community to play in style, better grip and win all of their matches with the best products around that we have to offer. Our controller grips and covers are made out of silicone rubber, which make them more durable and have better dexterity when maneuvering your controller. Forever Grips absolutely loves you guys, a very supportive community and want to do everything we can to help viewers and supporters like you. We hope for you to have the best experience you ever can on your console, PC, or mobile with the help of us, Forever Grips. Thank you.




Forever Grips takes comfort for gaming to a new level. From their silicone covers to their thumb grips, and even for mobile players for the controllers and analog sticks, to PC for their mouse pads, and mice. Forever Grips has been through thick and thin for my gaming needs. They're cheap and reliable, definitely my go to when it comes to gaming. I personally love their circular grips the best, the groves they have all over the grips help keep my thumb on the sticks.  Thank you FG. 

Collin Gracie
Valued Customer & Gamer

About Us

Madison M.

Store Owner

My name is Madison and I personally wanted to create this company to help my gaming team HITandRUN COD Clan..... at first. I wanted my team to have better performance during our competitions and I started thinking about how our gaming community could also benefit and could do better like my team was. That was the day I was on a hunt to help gamers. I was then on my way spreading my offers and more, on how you can game better, with one catch.... for more affordable prices. My hobby with gaming has made me even more passionate to give gamers the best accessories they can use. Being a gamer gives me an advantage to bringing the best products to our lovely gaming community. I've seen other companies before I started up Forever Grips and I took notes from each one and wanted to know what I could do better to offer the community something they've never seen before, and this is it.

                                  ~ C.E.O. Madison

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Our HQ is located in The United States, California and various locations around the world. We only offer our products online.

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